Monday, July 21, 2014

The Current One

listening House on the tv
eating between 12pm and 8pm, it's called intermittent fasting.
drinking Coffee at this moment
wearing a white pair of workout shorts, Chicago Bears T-shirt
feeling a bit under the weather. 
wanting to be the best Mom and Wife possible. It's not an easy task. I'm not the most patient person, I think about ways I want to be better, but I don't want to just think about them I want to follow through and be better.
needing to workout more. I just started working out on saturday mornings. It's a variety of circuits. We do 30 min of cardio through running stairs while holding a kettlebell over our head, kick boxing, squats, boxing, etc... then we do 30 mins of weights, dead lifts, curls, TRX, sledgehammer to a tractor tire. But I only do that on saturdays and I really need to do it 2 more times a week.
thinking a lot about my past, all the things I've been through, things my marriage has been through. I thank God for where I am in life but sometimes I long for how things were before....
enjoying the summer with my kids. We have been going to the pool all summer and relaxing. We have been doing some hiking and I love it. 
wondering how my kids are going to do this year in a new school. We moved at the end of last year and now the kids will be starting at a new school. I really don't want my kids to move around through different school districts. I want them to have friends that they grow up with.
creating memories with my little Benjamin. I never wanted a 4th kid, but God allowed me to have one and i'm so glad He did. All of my babies are special. They all have brought so much love and joy to me, but Benjamin is a bit different. If I cry and pretend I'm sad he will lay his head on my chest, and he will give me kisses. He did this at such a young age. How does he know how to comfort me when he thinks i'm sad? All I know is that he is going to be one years old next week and I just want him to slow down so I can cherish and remember this time with him.
procrastinating is something I always struggle with, but I think it's because there isn't any sense of urgency. If it something that is really important I get it done. But laundry or other things... meh, it can wait.
pondering what I should make for lunch/dinner today... I really need to get into the habit of planning meals.
loving my body. ok not completely but I am very happy with where I am at. For the first time since the day I got married I am back to being 118 lbs. I'm also working on building muscle and toning everything up. I feel strong when I am working out. It does something for me mentally. It gives me confidence in other area's of my life. 
anticipating nothing. I really want to cherish and enjoy each day.

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