Monday, March 30, 2015

Crunch Crunch

Lately I've been doing a lot of DIY projects. I've made my own lotions, hand sanitizer, facial moisturizers, laundry detergent, bug spray, diaper rash cream, magnesium oil, toothpaste, mouthwash, allergy bomb, car freshener, eye shadow primer, and I have a lot more on my list that I want to make. 

Tonight I am making Kombucha. I've made it before but it didn't taste right so I threw it out, scoby and all! I think it was because I used a flavored green tea and this time I am using just good ole black tea. There are a lot of benefits of drinking Kombucha since it is high in probiotics. I love the carbonation and slightly tart flavour. 

I also plan on making my own body wash, deodorant, natural hand soap and candles made with beeswax. 

If you were to look at me, you never would think I was a "crunchy" person. If you would have told me 8 years ago that I would be making all of these things and giving up my beautifully scented candles, perfumes and body lotions for DIY stuff, I would have laughed at you. Heck I probably would have made fun of you! Yet here I am, and I am pretty proud of being "crunchy", "granola", "hippified" person. Because what I am doing is trying to make my life and the life of my family healthier. 

It started with essential oils. I had been reading up on the benefits of essential oils and how they can support our system. I was also well aware of the negative effect medicine can have on our system. I look around and so many people are getting sick with cancer or diabetes. I know that we can't do anything to truly make ourselves immuned to something like cancer, but what if I did my best to try? What if I taught my kids the importance of eating right and what isn't good for our bodies? I believe it all starts somewhere and for me it started with essential oils.  The more I learn about the dangers of synthetic chemicals in our commercial body/hygiene products and in our food, the more I know what to avoid. 

There has been many times when one of us was not feeling well and I had something that I could use to make them feel better. I love my oils! This is just the beginning. Eventually I would love for us to eat clean and cut all gmo products out of our diet. Of course we can do as much as possible to try and live a healthy life, but really it is up to God. That is where our life truly lies. He is the one in control, that doesn't mean I should just live foolishly. Instead I need to do what I can, take care of the things that I can control and the rest is up to Him. 

What about you? What changes have you made to be healthier? To live longer for your family?

Friday, January 16, 2015


Every once in a while I get to a place where I look at my body and am filled with insecurities. Actually I don't know if that is the correct word. Dissatisfaction? Yah, more that. I work out, I have lost weight and I am proud of that. I love that I am a size 2/4! But it is so hard to feel comfortable in my skin sometimes. I took this picture this morning because I was checking out my abs. At first I thought "yay, they're looking strong" but then I started pulling at my skin on my lower abs. :sigh: I started looking at my belly button, ick. It has stretched and it has a "hood" on it now. Even though I work out my lower abs, I still feel somewhat soft, my skin feels loose and wrinkled. I start wondering "what oils can I use to fix my skin? To tighten it up. To heal my stretch marks?"

I went back to my pregnancy album and I started looking at all of my pictures when I was pregnant with each of my kids. My stomach was definitely stretched to it's limit. But then I kept saying to myself "wow, it's amazing." How amazing is our body and what it is capable of doing? I carried 4 beautiful chunky babies in my womb!!! I was small in structure and I was still able to carry all of my kids to term with zero complications. I began to cry because how guilty I felt for being so vain. That's why I am here, typing up this post. I know I am not the only woman/mom that struggles with body image. I know I am not the only one that looks in the mirror and critics their own body. I pinch, I pull. I stretch out my skin to see what it would look like if it was flat and smooth. Instead, I should be thankful. I workout and lost weight, I do what I can to get my body where I want it. My body works hard and it has done well. I am healthy with 4 amazing and beautiful kids. God created my body, He put me together. Instead of focusing on my flaws, I should focus and how amazing it truly is. It has not failed me.

I know there will be times when I will be in this spot again. Feel the same way. Hopefully this post will help me and remind what is truly important. My family, my husband, my life. Things could always be so much worse. This is such a minor thing.  My body is AMAZING!!! Be thankful.
18months after my 4th kid

39 weeks

The day I had Ben

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

DIY Scented Lovie

I mentioned in my previous post that I wanted to try new things, push forward with creative ideas swirling in my head. I love Pinterest and I am always pinning ideas but rarely do I put them to the test and try them out.

Today I decided to make a Scented Lovie. There are so many different ones on the market but I struggle to buy something that I "think" I could make myself. So here it is!
1.stuffed animal
3.seam ripper
4. needle and thread
6.essential oil

Because I have 4 kids, we have a plethora of stuffed animals. I love this Eeyore and think it is the perfect shape and softness to cuddle. I also chose it because it doesn't have any metal or plastic pieces. 

Friday, January 2, 2015


Hello 2015!

Wow, I really feel like this past year has just flown by. My kids started a new school, we moved from a town house into a much bigger house with a yard. My baby turned into a toddler, I lost all my post baby weight and some and my favorite event of the year was driving 34 hours straight with 4 kids to Philadelphia. We stopped in Maryland to see my Sister in Law and my niece and then I got to be with my siblings and cousins! It was fantastic (except the emergency issues with my dad, not fun.) But overall my previous year was great. I feel like I reached a lot of my goals. I baked more, I cooked more, and still managed to lose weight LOL Success right? But I also feel like I grew. I grew closer to my kids, and closer to my husband, closer to my siblings.  These are all wonderful things. Every year I choose a word to help catapult me forward and last year it was ATTENTIVE. To be honest I didn't keep this word in the forefront of my mind but I did work harder at being attentive. It is still something I need to do conscientiously.  I don't do well when my children or my husband (anyone really) start speaking to me in great detail, it overwhelms me and I stop listening.
What about this year? What do I want to achieve? What do I want to work towards? What do I want to improve?
The first thing I would like to do is go back to college. Because my husband works for the University of New Mexico, my tuition is free. They have what is called Continued Education and there are a good amount of things you can take. But I really would like to take Clinical Herbalism. Studying different herbs and plants to help with illnesses. Class starts in March and so I need to enroll. To be honest I am nervous. I find comfort in staying at home, being a mom to my 4 beautiful kids. It is difficult for me to start something new, meet new people and to face my fears. I think in the past the biggest reason I wouldn't begin something is because I have such a fear of failing.
The second thing is creating. Did you know that I know how to sew? I use to make cute dresses for Abby all the time when she was little. I even made her flower girls dress for my SIL's wedding. I haven't sewn in a very long time. Material isn't cheap, but there are so many things that I see and I think to myself "oh I can make that" and yet I never do. I want to learn to make all natural body products. Amazing bath bombs, lip balms, lotion bars, beard oils, and soaps.
I want to write more and read more. I absolutely love to read. I love books of all kind! I have a love for quotes that move me.
I want to get to know the moms in my kids class. I want my kids to build relationships with the other kids and I want them to be able to get together for playdates and such. Maybe I should join the PTA??? hhhmm I don't know. But I do need to make some Mommy friends.
This year I want to inspire others. I feel like I need to do more for the people around me. Help them or encourage them more. I want to be a better person for those around me, especially my family.

And then of course every year I strive to be a better wife, a better mom, a better christian. I mean those things are a given right? I do desire to find a small group in our church to join. I want to sit with others and discuss what we have learned in the Bible. I like learning from others and hearing their point of view. Overall though, I just want this year to be a great year. I feel like there is so much negativity in the world. So much hurt and so much fear. I need to turn my attention elsewhere and focus on what I CAN change. So I decide that my word for 2015 is Moxie.  I chose this word because it sounds fun and it really is what I need in order to achieve my goals for this year. I hope you had a great 2014 and an even better 2015!


[mok-see] nounSlang.

vigor; verve; pep.
courage and aggressiveness; nerve.
skill; know-how.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Here I am (waving), I'm crawling out of my den to say hello. I don't write as often as I use to. I've been wrapped up in reading, working out and just being a mom of 4.  Did you know that I love to read? I haven't always. Not until I was in college did I really start to enjoy reading books. But now I am obsessed with books. I love everything about them. Reading stories of peoples lives, the excitement, the sorrow, the redeemed and the happy endings. I hate stories with sad endings...  I love historical fiction, mystery, and christian fiction.  Anyhow... I'm putting my book down for the moment to write to you.

My life is pretty medane. Nothing exciting, no drama, which is good.  My kids are growing so quickly. Ben my little baby is now 13 months old. He doesn't talk yet but tries so hard. He is so cute and loveable. Ellie is almost 5 and she is just brilliant. I mean really really smart. I love talking to her and hearing how she thinks. Her expressions alone crack me up. Then there is my Joey... 6 years old and is at that age where he is embarrassed by girls, kissing scenes in disney movies and closes his eyes when we walk past Victoria's Secret.  He really is such a good kid. If he acts up it doesn't take much to put him back on track. Abby is now 10 almost 11. She is going through her own girly changes and I think the emotional rollercoaster she is on is going to kill me lol. I don't know how to handle emotional people. I think I even laughed at her a couple of times when she says "I just can't stop crying" hahahaha. Poor thing. But she is extremely smart as well. She loves to read too and I love that about her.

My marriage is good. We try to go on a date at least once a week. Usually just going out to eat. We leave the kids with my mother in law.  But really my favorite is when we go on hikes as a family. Sometimes it gets a little hectic, but I just love being outside hiking and seeing the kids get excited when they discover something cool or new.

At the end of October we will be driving to Philadelphia for my cousins wedding. I am dreading the 2 day drive but am excited to see my family. All of my siblings will be there and my parents. Aunt and Uncle, cousins. Sooo plenty of family. It should be fun. I'm excited for them to spend some time with my kids.

I'm also a little bit nervous because So and So will be there and it is the first time she and him will see each other since the "incident".  I'm sure it will be a bit awkward for everyone. But i'm just going to pretend like everything is normal. (even though there isn't anything normal about any of it.)

Next semester I will be going back to college. I want to take classes on clinical herbalism.  I really hate medicine and would love to learn alternative medicine. So this is where I will start.  There are so many things I would love to learn. or be. But as long as I have children at home then my first priority will be to stay home with them.  I wouldn't want it any other way. I wish I could just work for myself and make money from home, but isn't that most people dreams?

Well that sums things up in a nutshell. But it feels good to sit and write. If only you could make me laugh ............... I would come back to write so much more.

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Current One

listening House on the tv
eating between 12pm and 8pm, it's called intermittent fasting.
drinking Coffee at this moment
wearing a white pair of workout shorts, Chicago Bears T-shirt
feeling a bit under the weather. 
wanting to be the best Mom and Wife possible. It's not an easy task. I'm not the most patient person, I think about ways I want to be better, but I don't want to just think about them I want to follow through and be better.
needing to workout more. I just started working out on saturday mornings. It's a variety of circuits. We do 30 min of cardio through running stairs while holding a kettlebell over our head, kick boxing, squats, boxing, etc... then we do 30 mins of weights, dead lifts, curls, TRX, sledgehammer to a tractor tire. But I only do that on saturdays and I really need to do it 2 more times a week.
thinking a lot about my past, all the things I've been through, things my marriage has been through. I thank God for where I am in life but sometimes I long for how things were before....
enjoying the summer with my kids. We have been going to the pool all summer and relaxing. We have been doing some hiking and I love it. 
wondering how my kids are going to do this year in a new school. We moved at the end of last year and now the kids will be starting at a new school. I really don't want my kids to move around through different school districts. I want them to have friends that they grow up with.
creating memories with my little Benjamin. I never wanted a 4th kid, but God allowed me to have one and i'm so glad He did. All of my babies are special. They all have brought so much love and joy to me, but Benjamin is a bit different. If I cry and pretend I'm sad he will lay his head on my chest, and he will give me kisses. He did this at such a young age. How does he know how to comfort me when he thinks i'm sad? All I know is that he is going to be one years old next week and I just want him to slow down so I can cherish and remember this time with him.
procrastinating is something I always struggle with, but I think it's because there isn't any sense of urgency. If it something that is really important I get it done. But laundry or other things... meh, it can wait.
pondering what I should make for lunch/dinner today... I really need to get into the habit of planning meals.
loving my body. ok not completely but I am very happy with where I am at. For the first time since the day I got married I am back to being 118 lbs. I'm also working on building muscle and toning everything up. I feel strong when I am working out. It does something for me mentally. It gives me confidence in other area's of my life. 
anticipating nothing. I really want to cherish and enjoy each day.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Feeling Nostalgic

I'm sitting here thinking about my two boys. They both have birthdays coming up. Josiah will be 6 years old and Benjamin will be a year old. I'm trying to think back to when Joey was the age of Ben. It's difficult to recall what was taking place in my life at the time. I could name where we lived and what my husband did for a living, but I can't recall anything specific. I try and remember what he looked like. Chubby cheeks, a couple of teeth and a little bit of hair, but you know what? Without pictures, I really can't remember. This was when Joey turned 1.
This is Josiah when he was just a couple months younger. Here is about 10 months old, the age Ben is right now. 

Look at him. I think Ben resembles Joe a lot. I look at this picture of Josiah and it is so hard for me to remember. I can't remember his voice, the little sounds he use to make, I can't remember how he use to act or if he was getting into things. I know that he was a very easy kid. Very laid back, didn't fuss a lot, didn't get into things he shouldn't be getting into, just a very sweet and loving little boy. 
And now he is going to be 6 years old. 
He is still a pretty laid back kid, so much so that his sisters (both bigger and smaller) complain that he doesn't want to play. All he likes to do is play Minecraft or watch TV. The only way you can get him to go outside is if you let him play in the sand or the mud. He is still a very sweet fun loving little boy, but he thinks for himself now. He lets you know if he doesn't like something or if he doesn't want to do what you're doing. He gets angry and acts out. He has ideas of his own and opinions. He's growing up and becoming his own person. Before I know it he will be a teenager and then a young adult. 
Which brings me to my baby. Benjamin. He is still just a baby and yet he will be a toddler soon. He's already on his way. 
Here Ben is crawling up the stairs. He learned how to crawl when he just turned 9 months old. It wasn't long before he started zooming all over the place. He knows how to go up the stairs but hasn't figured out how to come down. So you know what he does? He just sits back in hopes that someone will catch him or that there will be a soft landing. 
It's things like this, that I forget. And with him being my last baby I don't want to forget. I want to remember. I want to remember that Ben is silly, even as a baby. He loves to play peek a boo. 
And it doesn't matter what he has in his hands he will still try and hide behind it hahaha. Ben has always been very coordinated with his little fingers. He uses his pincher fingers (index and thumb) to pick up his cheerio's and other tiny things. He is great and hand eye coordination. Ben also loves food! I put him in the high chair and he gets so excited. He loves food. This is a happy and yet sad thing for me because the more food he eats,the less he wants to nurse. He is 10 months old and is weaning himself from me. This is hard for me because I wanted to nurse him longer. I know some think it's strange but it really is good for a child to nurse for at least 2 years. I have nursed all of my kids and I don't do it because it is easy. In fact Ben is a very difficult nurser and he always has been. He tugs and pulls, bites and leaves me a mess. He gets distracted so easily. He really does prefer solid foods to my milk. I think this picture says it all :) He's eating an ice cream cone here.
Ben is so young and yet his personality is so big. He loves to make us laugh. If he does something and you laugh, he will keep doing it. He is also sensitive to others emotions. If I fake cry or if the kids are really crying he will crawl to you and lay his head on you. He cries if one of the others is crying. He is not difficult to discipline. I just have to tell him strongly "no" one or two times and he usually catches on and crawls away. One thing he does that always makes me laugh is when one of the kids has a popsicle or a lollipop he will do whatever he can to get it from them. 
These are just a few of the things that I know I will forget, but at least I can capture it with my camera. But what about those things that I can't capture on film? 
The twinkle in his eyes when he looks right into mine, the sweet smell of his baby breath after nursing, his sweaty little palms and their sweet yet dusty smell from crawling. His sweaty little stinky toes, the way the top of his head smells. The softness of his skin and the little crook in his neck that I love snuggling so much. 
Maybe it is now hitting me that I will no longer have this. Not until my kids have kids. All I can do now is try and savour (I 

hate that word) but truly savour each moment with my kids while they are kids, and Ben while he is still my baby. Before I know it he will be six years old like his big brother and I will no longer remember all these things that make my heart swell with love.