Thursday, October 16, 2014


Here I am (waving), I'm crawling out of my den to say hello. I don't write as often as I use to. I've been wrapped up in reading, working out and just being a mom of 4.  Did you know that I love to read? I haven't always. Not until I was in college did I really start to enjoy reading books. But now I am obsessed with books. I love everything about them. Reading stories of peoples lives, the excitement, the sorrow, the redeemed and the happy endings. I hate stories with sad endings...  I love historical fiction, mystery, and christian fiction.  Anyhow... I'm putting my book down for the moment to write to you.

My life is pretty medane. Nothing exciting, no drama, which is good.  My kids are growing so quickly. Ben my little baby is now 13 months old. He doesn't talk yet but tries so hard. He is so cute and loveable. Ellie is almost 5 and she is just brilliant. I mean really really smart. I love talking to her and hearing how she thinks. Her expressions alone crack me up. Then there is my Joey... 6 years old and is at that age where he is embarrassed by girls, kissing scenes in disney movies and closes his eyes when we walk past Victoria's Secret.  He really is such a good kid. If he acts up it doesn't take much to put him back on track. Abby is now 10 almost 11. She is going through her own girly changes and I think the emotional rollercoaster she is on is going to kill me lol. I don't know how to handle emotional people. I think I even laughed at her a couple of times when she says "I just can't stop crying" hahahaha. Poor thing. But she is extremely smart as well. She loves to read too and I love that about her.

My marriage is good. We try to go on a date at least once a week. Usually just going out to eat. We leave the kids with my mother in law.  But really my favorite is when we go on hikes as a family. Sometimes it gets a little hectic, but I just love being outside hiking and seeing the kids get excited when they discover something cool or new.

At the end of October we will be driving to Philadelphia for my cousins wedding. I am dreading the 2 day drive but am excited to see my family. All of my siblings will be there and my parents. Aunt and Uncle, cousins. Sooo plenty of family. It should be fun. I'm excited for them to spend some time with my kids.

I'm also a little bit nervous because So and So will be there and it is the first time she and him will see each other since the "incident".  I'm sure it will be a bit awkward for everyone. But i'm just going to pretend like everything is normal. (even though there isn't anything normal about any of it.)

Next semester I will be going back to college. I want to take classes on clinical herbalism.  I really hate medicine and would love to learn alternative medicine. So this is where I will start.  There are so many things I would love to learn. or be. But as long as I have children at home then my first priority will be to stay home with them.  I wouldn't want it any other way. I wish I could just work for myself and make money from home, but isn't that most people dreams?

Well that sums things up in a nutshell. But it feels good to sit and write. If only you could make me laugh ............... I would come back to write so much more.

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Anonymous said...

.........Finally! I love being able to read up on how you're doing. Your kids are so beautiful. I hope all is well