Friday, January 2, 2015


Hello 2015!

Wow, I really feel like this past year has just flown by. My kids started a new school, we moved from a town house into a much bigger house with a yard. My baby turned into a toddler, I lost all my post baby weight and some and my favorite event of the year was driving 34 hours straight with 4 kids to Philadelphia. We stopped in Maryland to see my Sister in Law and my niece and then I got to be with my siblings and cousins! It was fantastic (except the emergency issues with my dad, not fun.) But overall my previous year was great. I feel like I reached a lot of my goals. I baked more, I cooked more, and still managed to lose weight LOL Success right? But I also feel like I grew. I grew closer to my kids, and closer to my husband, closer to my siblings.  These are all wonderful things. Every year I choose a word to help catapult me forward and last year it was ATTENTIVE. To be honest I didn't keep this word in the forefront of my mind but I did work harder at being attentive. It is still something I need to do conscientiously.  I don't do well when my children or my husband (anyone really) start speaking to me in great detail, it overwhelms me and I stop listening.
What about this year? What do I want to achieve? What do I want to work towards? What do I want to improve?
The first thing I would like to do is go back to college. Because my husband works for the University of New Mexico, my tuition is free. They have what is called Continued Education and there are a good amount of things you can take. But I really would like to take Clinical Herbalism. Studying different herbs and plants to help with illnesses. Class starts in March and so I need to enroll. To be honest I am nervous. I find comfort in staying at home, being a mom to my 4 beautiful kids. It is difficult for me to start something new, meet new people and to face my fears. I think in the past the biggest reason I wouldn't begin something is because I have such a fear of failing.
The second thing is creating. Did you know that I know how to sew? I use to make cute dresses for Abby all the time when she was little. I even made her flower girls dress for my SIL's wedding. I haven't sewn in a very long time. Material isn't cheap, but there are so many things that I see and I think to myself "oh I can make that" and yet I never do. I want to learn to make all natural body products. Amazing bath bombs, lip balms, lotion bars, beard oils, and soaps.
I want to write more and read more. I absolutely love to read. I love books of all kind! I have a love for quotes that move me.
I want to get to know the moms in my kids class. I want my kids to build relationships with the other kids and I want them to be able to get together for playdates and such. Maybe I should join the PTA??? hhhmm I don't know. But I do need to make some Mommy friends.
This year I want to inspire others. I feel like I need to do more for the people around me. Help them or encourage them more. I want to be a better person for those around me, especially my family.

And then of course every year I strive to be a better wife, a better mom, a better christian. I mean those things are a given right? I do desire to find a small group in our church to join. I want to sit with others and discuss what we have learned in the Bible. I like learning from others and hearing their point of view. Overall though, I just want this year to be a great year. I feel like there is so much negativity in the world. So much hurt and so much fear. I need to turn my attention elsewhere and focus on what I CAN change. So I decide that my word for 2015 is Moxie.  I chose this word because it sounds fun and it really is what I need in order to achieve my goals for this year. I hope you had a great 2014 and an even better 2015!


[mok-see] nounSlang.

vigor; verve; pep.
courage and aggressiveness; nerve.
skill; know-how.

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